Emissary - Onyx

Emissary - Onyx
  • Emissary - Onyx
  • Emissary - Onyx
  • Emissary - Onyx
  • Emissary - Onyx
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Squared off lenses for an angular look, GUNNAR EMISSARY computer eyewear is inspired by the past with an eye toward the future. Balanced spring hinges and adjustable floating nose pads provide full comfort fit for a modern classic.
The proprietary lens shape protects your eyes from drying air currents
Specifically tuned focusing power improves detail for clearer vision
Amber lens tint filters out harsh artificial light to reduce eye strain and improve contrast
Protective lens coatings include anti-reflective properties to reduce glare
Lightweight aluminum/magnesium frame construction provides strength and optical stability
Adjustable nose pads properly fit and comfortably secure eyewear in place
Internal hidden springs flex to ergonomically fit a wide variety of head shapes
Unique semi-rimless frame design minimizes peripheral distractions
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